Department of Defense

Air Force

Edwards AFB Home Page - Official web server of the premier flight test center in the world. Contains some very nice bitmaps of test aircraft, and links to the local weather.

HQ AFMC World Wide Web Server - Official web server for the Air Force major command for acquisition and sustainment. Located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

AFPC Home Page - Air Force Personnel Center at Randolph AFB, TX. The USAF assignment bulletin board is located here.

Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters - Official USAF Auxilliary, conducting search and rescue, building leaders, and mentoring young people towards a career in aviation. A great organization of professionals putting the welfare of others before themselves.

The Spaatz Association Aerospace Leadership Scholarship Page - Information on a flight and leadership scholarship for Civil Air Patrol Mitchell cadets.

The Unofficial Spaatz Association Home Page - Created as an explanatory page for the above scholarship page, it explains the association from the scholarship committee's point of view.

The Official Spaatz Association Home Page - The official page, still under construction.

AirForceLINK - The United States Air Force's home page. Sponsored by the number one aerospace force in the world.

Deskbook JPO Home Page - Joint Program Office for the Air Force Action Officer Guide and a variety of acquisition publications.

Other DoD

Joint Chiefs of Staff - The administrative arm of the military.

DefenseLINK - The Department of Defense's home page. Links to all the services and the Joint Staff connect you to the most effective defense establishment in the world.

Departmental Publishing Electronic Products - Get your red hot regulations and forms here!

Military Health System Home Page - Our national excuse for a military health care system.

Foreign Sites

Australian Defence Home Page - A taste of defense from down under.

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