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Welcome to my home page! I belong to the Presbyterian Church in America. The PCA stands firmly and solely upon the authority and sufficiency of the Scriptures (Sola Scriptura!) in Reformed Theology. I lead Bible Studies and now teach a Defense of the Faith class to 10 year olds and up in Sunday school. Read our concluding lesson on the theology of salvation from one of my earlier classes.

A quick note about theology and politics:

I had an interesting interchange with one Mark Parent, an elected politician and (apparently former) contributing columnist to the Halifax Daily in Canada, back in December 2002 over the content of this front page as represented in his (then) regular column. The title and subtitle of his opinion piece--Religious right fuels war, Web sites such as Tanker Bob's are the reason the U.S. will eventually go to war with Iraq--give you the idea of its flavor. In cruising the net, I found that the New Republic preserved the original article here. He misunderstood the intent of this page, misidentified and hence mischaracterized the tune in the background, showed a superficial grasp of US history, and lamented the mixing of "the Lordship of Jesus and the motherhood of the Statue of Liberty" (Eliza Gauger's work in response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001). There were also poorly considered phrases about the "religious right" and erroneous assumptions about how war with Iraq might be linked to religious voting blocks. I challenged Mr. Parent's errors and the conclusions that followed, but to no avail. He apologized for the factual errors, but didn't print a correction. I suppose that a public correction would have tarnished his journalistic reputation, which he apparently holds more dear than his integrity. Maybe he works for the New York Times now, eh? "All the Lies Fit to Print"

To minimize the possibility that someone else may misunderstand this page and its construction, I will quote a small portion of my response to Mr. Parent:

"I'm not sure what the so-called "religious right" really is or who it encompasses in your mind. The label lost its luster a long time ago, and isn't used much here in the US. I do not share the theological views of those to whom the term was generally applied in those days. For the record, I do not consider the US to be specially singled out by God as some modern promised land. There is no basis for such an assumption--inherent in the term "religious right"--in the God-inspired Scriptures, our only rule for faith and practice.

"As an ordained Ruling Elder in the PCA, I believe that all of life should be lived to the glory of God, though we do so imperfectly. That's part of what Augustine meant when he observed that we are at the same time just and sinner. My faith informs all areas of my life, as it rightly provides the basis of my worldview. This is generally true of all faiths. However, while my faith informs my politics along with the rest of my life, my faith is not my politics or visa versa. I'm curious in which denomination you are ordained, and if your faith informs your worldview."

I think that about covers the subject for those who might follow down Mr. Parent's path. It turned turned out that he was an ordained minister in the United Baptist Church and should have known better. Perhaps his seminary professors forgot to elaborate on the Nineth Commandment.

In conclusion, I do not apologize either for my faith or my patriotism, and they are decidedly not the same thing. As Cal Thomas rightly observed, our salvation will not come riding in on Air Force One. Now that we have that out of the way...

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