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These are mostly a collection of things I've written, and in some cases, preached. This will be an ongoing effort, and most of the material will be from my Sunday School and Bible Study notes and handouts as I convert them to HTML. None of my material is copywrited, but I do claim the rights to my own work and respectfully request you give me credit for anything you may use or quote. For non-Tanker Bob material, please contact the original author for copywrite details. I place this material here so that the cause of Christ may in some small way be advanced as He uses me according to His will. Soli Deo Gloria!


Good Friday sermonette 1 - Based on John 19:28, 29 and delivered at the Edwards AFB chapel on Good Friday, 1998 and 1999.

Good Friday sermonette 2 - Based on Luke 23:44-49 and delivered at the Edwards AFB chapel on Good Friday, 1999.

Good Friday sermonette 3a - Based on John 19:30, steeped in the doctrines of God's sovereignty and election.

Good Friday sermon - Also based on John 19:30, but a more thorough presentation of the gospel.

Baccelaureate sermon - Delivered to the Desert High School class of 1998. It centers on how we should live our lives and why.

Sunday School/Bible Study Materials

Theology of Salvation - Concluding session of our 6-year study of theology. Brief summary of the highlight of God's plan of redemption and its outworking. Based entirely on Scripture. Contains some "technical" theological terms, but nothing a dictionary won't cure.

Recommended Guidelines for Interpreting Scripture

Recommended Guidelines for Interpreting Prophesy

Paper on the First Amendment to the US Constitution


Tanker Bob's Flying Wisdom - This is a note I wrote to a young student pilot. I liked it so much that I kept it around. It distills some very basic flying concepts to a few paragraphs. These ideas transcend time and aircraft type, and can help most anyone become a better pilot.

Misc Stuff

Comments on School Shootings, et al - This is an email I wrote to a friend who lives in Colorado, changed slightly to remove names. It started as a discussion about a Politically Correct (PC) attempt to outlaw the use of sabers and deactivated rifles by drill teams in the Civil Air Patrol. As my fingers typed away, it turned into a broader message about the Second Amendment and my humble opinion concerning personal responsibility and the sociology of school shootings.

Non-Tanker Bob Material

Kansas Invocation - Delivered to the Kansas Legislature by Pastor Joe Wright of Wichita's Central Christian Church. Outstanding summary of the level to which our society has sunk.

The Price of Freedom - Great paper by Gary Hildreth on the price paid by this country's founding fathers. Freedom isn't free. NOTE: The Connecticut Society of the Sons of the American Revolution have what they feel is a correction to this paper posted here. I leave it to the interested gentle reader to sift out the "real story". The bottom line is still that freedom isn't and never was free.

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