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  The vision of The Spaatz Association in sponsoring this scholarship is to promote enduring Aerospace Leadership through continuted general aviation flight instruction and Civil Air Patrol leadership activities. The Spaatz Association is an independent organization and not formally associated with the Civil Air Patrol.

Scholarship Awardees

Year Name Unit Wing
19971 C/LtC Nathan L. Cole Nashua Cadet Squadron New Hampshire
1998 C/FO Tonya Blodgett Midland Composite Squadron Texas
1999 C/LtC Ryan J. Wallace Magic City Composite Squadron North Dakota
2000 C/Col Melissa L. Bland Mustang Cadet Squadron Colorado
20012 C/2Lt Travis R. Ahrens
C/Capt Carolyn J. Pack
C/Capt Crystal M. Reed
New Castle Cadet Sqdn
Provo Composite Squadron
Interstate Comp Squadron
20022,3 C/LtC Joshua D. Hall
C/2Lt Brandon D. Harmon
C/LtC Robert G. Lowery, III
Erie Comp Sqdn 502
Greenville Comp Sqdn SC-014
St. Charles and Wentzville Comp Sqdns
South Carolina

C/Lt Col Keelan Diehl
C/1Lt Emily Hudson
C/Lt Col Jeremy Lamonte

Crow Wing Comp Sqdn
Arundel Comp Squadron
Plano Composite Squadron



C/Capt Richard Barnard
C/2Lt Devin Keigley
C/Maj Andrew Sutton

Tallahassee Comp Sqdn
Shelbyville Comp Sqdn
Lexington Comp Sqdn

South Carolina

20062,6 C/LtC Russell Ahrens
C/Maj Quinton Fenley
C/LtC Nathan Kish

New Castle Cadet Sqdn
North Tampa Cadet Sqdn
Youngstown ARS Comp Sqdn

20072,6 C/LtC Haley Blevins
C/Cpt James Evans
C/Cpt Alexander Garard
C/Maj Ryan McCord
C/Maj Kenneth Misiak
C/Col Ian Sturdy
St. Mary's Composite Sqdn
Youngstown ARS Comp Sqdn
Falcon Composite Sqdn
Pembroke Pines Comp Sqdn
Mt. Pocono Composite Sqdn
Newport News Comp Sqdn
20082,6 C/Col Benjamin Chase
C/Cpt Hamilton Evrard
C/Col Jake Reed
C/Maj Felicia Voegele
Rutland Composite Sqdn
Raleigh-Wake Comp Sqdn
Carroll Composite Sqdn
Sq 304 - Willie Comp Sqdn
N. Carolina
20092,6 C/Cpt Noah Bendele
C/LtC Jared Gragan
C/LtC Zachary King
Mount Pocono Composite Sqdn
Parkersburg Composite Sqdn
Plainfield Composite Sqdn
W. Virginia
New Jersey
C/Col Stasia Rogacki
C/Maj Kira Swerdfeger
Curtiss-Wright Composite Sqdn
Saddleback Composite Sqdn 68
New Jersey
C/LtC Thomas Giles
C/Maj Sierra Larson
C/Cpt Michael Poussard
Miami Enterprise Cadet Sqdn
South Charlotte Cadet Sqdn
Fairfax Composite Sqdn
N. Carolina
National Capital
C/Lt Col Kaitlyn Fife
C/Lt Col Joseph Houston
C/Capt Robert Jennings
Barksdale Comp Sqdn
Asheville Comp Sqdn
West GA Composite Sqdn
N. Carolina
20136,7,8 C/Col Nathan Buxton
C/Capt Miranda Ellinghaus
C/Lt Col Josiah Gorley
C/Capt Travis Seibt
Delaware ANG Cadet Sqdn
Durant-Eaker Field Comp Sqdn
Winston-Salem Composite Sqdn
Iroquios Valley Squadron
N. Carolina

Aerospace Leadership scholarships have generally been supported by the TSA membership, with the following additional patrons generously contributing whole scholarships to recognize exceptional performance in eligible CAP cadets:
1. 1997 scholarship funds graciouly sponsored by Midland Composite Squadron, TXWG
2. In 2001/2002/2003/2005/2006/2007/2008/2009, two (four in 2007) scholarships were graciously sponsored by Col. Louisa S. Morse, CAP, DEWG. Awardees listed alphabetically.
3. In 2002, the initial scholarship winner was C/LtC Casey Hartwell, Sacramento Composite Squadron 14, CAWG. However, Cadet Hartwell notified the committee that between the time of his application and our committee's announcement, he had received a Daedalian flight scholarship which rendered him ineligible for the TSA scholarship. We applaud Cadet Hartwell's integrity and achievements. He aptly demonstrated that CAP cadets set the standard for our nation's youth.
4. The TSA Board voted at the 2004 summer meeting to reschedule the scholarship award from the fall to the spring to better facilitate summer flying and reduce conflicts with other flying scholarships. As a result, the fall 2004 scholarship award slipped to spring 2005.
5. C/Capt Stephen McIlvaine of the Cleveland Composite Squadron, Tennessee Wing, was selected for the scholarship in 2005, but had already received a TNWG scholarship since he applied for ours. This made him ineligible for the TSA scholarship. We applaud Cadet McIlvaine's integrity and achievements. He again demonstrated the leadership and character that makes an excellent officer.
6. In 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, Ms. Carla Spaatz-Thomas, youngest daughter of Gen Carl A. Spaatz, USAF, generously sponsored a scholarship each year.
7. From 2010 on, one scholarship per year was sponsored through a gracious endowment by the late Col Louisa S. Morse, CAP.
8. In 2012 and 2013, Brian Campbell sponsored one scholarship in the name of BG Paul Bergman, CAP.
9. In 2012, the friends of WO1 Joel P. Hocker, USA (deceased) teamed with TSA to sponsor one scholarship in Joel’s honor.

Are you a Civil Air Patrol cadet who:

Earned your Mitchell Award,

Earned your Solo Wings in a powered aircraft,

Maintains at least a 3.0 GPA (normalized),

and has not received or been selected for a similar scholarship or grant?

Then you are eligible to apply for The Spaatz Association Aerospace Leadership Scholarship!!! The scholarship is intended to be used primarily to bring a cadet from solo to his/her private pilot's license. A limited amount of the scholarship may also be used to attend a CAP leadership activity, or to serve in a leadership position at a suitable CAP activity. The scholarship must be used within one year of awarding and while the winner is still an active cadet in good standing.

You may apply by submitting:

A resume of your CAP career;

Proof of academic standing;

3 letters of recommendation: one from your Squadron Commander or Deputy for Cadets, one from your flight instructor, and one from an individual of your choice;

No more than 2 written pages explaining: 1) What you've done for the Civil Air Patrol, 2) What the scholarship will be used for, and 3) How your use of the scholarship will benefit the Civil Air Patrol in the future;

A full-length picture in CAP uniform, preferably service dress, but not a utility uniform.

***Note: This is not a CAP scholarship. The application requirements are different, and incomplete or incorrect applications will be disqualified. Please fulfill the above requirements exactly.***

You must mail your application by 30 September. Or, if you can scan your picture into a 256-color jpeg or gif image, you may email your package here. If you create one large pdf file, do not put the picture in the pdf and please "Optimize" or compress the document. The scholarship will be awarded at the Spaatz Association Winter Dinner which occurs coincindent with the CAP Winter Board meeting, usually in early March. Late applications will not be accepted! However, there is no reason to send it by expensive overnight mail. Also, please do not send it with a signature required at my end. With my work schedule, it is very difficult for me to pick up applications that require me to sign for them at the post office. As long as your application is postmarked by 30 September, that is good enough. Also, you must include an email address or phone number in case we need to contact you. Several years running I had to do clever detective work to find a few of the winners. My address is:

TSA Scholarship Committee
3059 Military Road
Arlington, VA 22207-4133


Email scholarship questions or application packages by clicking on the image below.

Click here to go to the The Spaatz Association Scholarship Committee web page.

If you have any questions about The Spaatz Association, please visit our official web site @ www.spaatz.org.

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