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General Medical sites

Medscape - Outsanding site that collects relatively technical articles from a variety of professional medical publications. Great way to keep up with the latest developments.

Virtual Hospital Home Page - Some interesting medical reference material, for both patients and providers.

Family Practice Handbook: Contents - Handy family medical reference online. Good source of basic information.

"Virtual" Pharmacy Center - Martindale's Health Science Guide - Incredible reference base of pharmacology and medical links, including tons of physiological background data. Includes links to travel warnings. If you can't find it from here, it's probably not on the net.

Mayo Clinic - Tons of info on the net from the famous folks.

Medicine Net - Network of doctors who produce comprehensive, up-to-date health information for the public.

CDC Home Page - Center for Disease Control - government source of statistics on health.

HyperDOC: U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) - Speaks for itself. An extensive online library.

WebDoctor - Internet navigator for practicing physicians. Contains peer-reviewed info.

AMA Home Page - From the folks who brought you bran muffins for your own good. Stop here if you like a lot of politics mixed with your medicine.

National Institutes of Health Home Page - The government's official health beaurocracy.

The IBS Page - Irritable Bowel Syndrome Web Site. - Help for those suffering from said syndrome.

The Human Transcript Map - Link to the project that's mapping the human genome. They have a ways to go yet!

Mental Health Sites

Internet Mental Health - Free online encyclopaedia. Excellent source of facts and information on general topics and specific conditions. Service based in Vancouver, Canada.

Mental Health Net - More good info on Mental Health issues. Lots of links and tons of information available.

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) Home - Help and support for patients and families from those who've been there.

NYU Psychiatry Reference Desk - Vast collection of psychiatry links.

Pharmacological sites

RxList - The Internet Drug Index - Another searchable, comprehensive drug reference system, including drug interactions..

Pharmacology Glossary - Complete list of terms and abbreviations from the Boston University School of Medicine.

Psychopharmacology Tips - Lots of info and tips on phychoactive medications.

Virtual Drug Store - Another good prescription and non-prescription medicine reference site.

Help for those victimized by "repressed memory" quacks

Elusive Evidence - Site to help those falsely accused of abuse, often "discovered" by recovering supposedly repressed memories.

Elizabeth F. Loftus University of Washington - Homepage of the doctor whose clinical research blew the top off the repressed memory scams. Good source of published papers debunking repressed memory, ritual sexual abuse, and rampant false diagnoses of multiple personality disorder.

Recovery Sites

Online AA Resources - Alcoholics Anonymous, the folks who started it all.

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