I write reviews fairly regularly, so this list should grow. I arranged it alphabetically for simplicity of browsing. As of mid-November 2003, my reviews will appear on MobileTechReview and will be linked to that site by my choice.

Audio Players - Roundup of the Palm OS field in Dec 03

Audio Translator - Nifty phrase book/dictionary for the Palm that even pronounces the material for you. March 2004.

BackupBuddy 2.0 - Upgraded staple for Palm owners. Sept 04.

BackupBuddyVFS 3 Professional - Upgraded on-PDA backup solution. Don't leave home without it. Feb 05.

Battery Pack Pro 2.1.1 - OmegaOne's do-it-all utility for Windows Mobile. March 06.

Bible Software for Palm OS - Feb 04 update to review of five popular Bible programs with an eye towards serious Bible study use

Cases for the Tungsten T3 - Four cases from PDAir, SurplusPDA, and Proporta

CalliGrapher 8.0 - Excellent natural handwriting recognition for the PPC/WM platform. Oct 05.

Complete Word Study Bible - Olive Tree Bible Software's excellent implementation of AMG Publishing's outstanding Bible study reference. Must-have for serious Bible students. Sept 04.

Database Comparison - Four Palm OS database apps reviewed and compared. Dec 04.

Datebk5 V-5.1b - July 04 review of the #1 advanced Datebook, MemoPad, and ToDo application

Dictionary Shoot-out - Roundup of the Palm OS field in Dec 03

Directions on-the-Go - Nifty city map program for Palm and PPC. Feb 05

D-Link 802.11g Pocket Router/AP - Outstanding mobile solution to turn wired Internet connections into WiFi access points. Don't leave home without it. Aug 05.

DVD to PocketPC 3.0 - Nice program to copy/convert your DVD movies to view on your Pocket PC. Feb 06.

eBible for Palm OS 1.0 - Deluxe Bundle - New entry in the Bible software market using Nelson Bible Publishing references, Nov 04.

Enfora 802.11 Wireless Portfolio - Nice wireless solution for Palms that doesn't eat your battery or take up your card slot. Apr 05.

ePocrates Rx Pro 6.0 - Medication/infectious disease database and more

FitalyT3 - Feb 04 review of a great alternate soft keyboard for the T3's Dynamic Input Area

Fitaly 4.0 - Review written in June 06 but not published until Jan 08 due to an oversight. A great input system got even better.

Fitaly 5.0 - The best continues to get better. Instant Text incorporated into this new version. Oct 08.

Freedom Keyboard - Very nice portable Bluetooth keyboard that works with virtually every mobile computing device with Bluetooth support. Apr 05.

Hack Managers - A look at X-Master 1.5 and TealMaster 2.02

HandStory Suite 2.3 - Web clipper/doc reader/image viewer/ebook reader/memo viewer

HP iPAQ 211 - Outstanding new PDA with a 4" VGA screen, 128MB RAM, 256MB Flash, and an excellent traveler. Feb 08.

HRCapture 1.77E - Sony screen capture desk accessory

Icon Manager 1.4 beta build 5314 - Creates/manipulates/edits icons for HandyShopper, Datebk5, and Agendus.

IOGear GBU201 Bluetooth USB Adapter - Inexpensive Bluetooth connectivity for your PC or Mac. Sept 04

JackSprat3.0b4/JackFlash3.0b14 - Clean out and then store applications and read-only databases in your FlashRom. Combined review/tutorial from May 04.

Launcher Comparitive Review - Facer 1.92, LauncherX 1.1, MegaLauncher 4.3, SilverScreen 3.1.3, YiShow 6.1, and ZLauncher 4.00 go head-to-head in Jan 04.

Launcer Comparative Review, Part Deux - Hi-Launcher 2.2, AppShelf 1.1, Facer 2.02, and ZLauncher 4.10 catch us up to the current crop in May 04.

MessagEase4T3 - April 04 review of an excellent alternate input system to replace graffiti, this version for the T3's Dynamic Input Area. My primary input keyboard.

MiniCalc 6.6 - My favorite spreadsheet.

Mobile Systems' Oxford Dictionary of Idioms 4.10 - Great collection of English idioms

Mobile Systems' Pocket Oxford English Dictionary 4.10 - High quality English dictionary

Motorola Razr V3 - Best-selling mobile phone for several years running. August 2006.

NIV Study Bible - Laridian's release for Palm OS and PPC. December 2004.

Noah Pro 3.0/Thesaurus 1.2 - Nice update to ArsLexis lineup in January 2004.

Office Suites - Reviews of the Palm OS connections to MS Office in Feb 04, including Documents To Go 6.005 Premium, MiniOffice 6.8, Quick Office 7.1.57 Premier, with Mobile Word 2004 2.10 and WordSmith 2.2.21 thrown in for good measure.

Palm Tungsten|T3 - My Palm OS acquisition, and a beauty it is! October 2003.

Panasonic 512 MB and PNY (Toshiba) 256 MB Secure Digital Cards - Not just a review, but a discussion of how to interpret VFSMark testing results against user experience with the cards. Done in March 2004.

PiDirect II - Virtual memory manager for OS 4

Pocket Informant 2005 R2.1 - Awesome full-service Personal Information Manager (PIM) for PPC. I keep order in my life by this one. August 2005.

Power Training for Palm OS - Nice CD-based training for your new Palm. Done in March 2004.

Resco File Explorer 2005 (ver 5.21) - Outstanding file management utility for PPC and WM. September 2005.

Resco Photo Viewer 5.32 - Excellent photo viewer/editor/screenshot utility for PPC and WM. November 2005.

RoboForm 6.0.6 and RoboForm for Palm 1.0.0 - Very nice password manager for the desktop and viewer for the Palm. October 2004.

RunPDA 32MB RAM Upgrade - Doubled my T665C's RAM! September 2003.

Sandisk 1GB Extreme III SD card - Outstanding storage card--screamingly fast and relatively inexpensive. May 2005.

SBSH PocketBreeze 5.0 - Must have Today screen application for Windows Mobile devices. Jan 06.

SCOTTeVEST Tactical 4.0 System - Outstanding outerwear combination for the mobile warrior. August 06.

SCOTTeVEST Sport TEC and TEC Windshirt - Technology Enabled Clothing done right!

Secure File PDA Backup - Plug-n-Play MMC card/software backup solution for PalmOS and PPC. Aug 2004.

SecuWipe 1.0 by Aiko Solutions' - Features secure deletion of information from your Windows Mobile or Smartphone device, including from your free space. December 2008.

Shadow Plan 2.6 - Heirarchical outliner/todo/project management

Spb Pocket Plus 3.1 - Great do-all utility that packs lots of power. Sep 2006.

SplashWallet 5.04 - Nice collection of useful utilities. July 2004.

Sprite Backup Premium 3.14 - Outstanding backup program for the Pocket PC. June 2005.

Star Pilot Advanced 3.61 - Astronomy/star gazing program

Sony SJ22 - Just a quick look at one I borrowed for a week

Sony T615C - My first Sony Clie, now in another good home

Sony T665C - My most recent brain, now on steroids (see RunPDA review)

Talking Phrase Books from Beiks - Hear the language translation!

TextMaker 2002 for PPC - Full-up desktop word processor in your hand, seamless MS Word compatibility. Aug 2005

Uninstallers - Feb 04 review of Northglide's Uninstall Manager 2.49/Cleanup 3.30 and StacWorks' Inwatch 2.61

Video Players for Palm OS - May 05 review of Kinoma 3.1EX, MMPlayer 0.2.14, and TealMovie 3.94.