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WORLD - Excellent news weekly with a Christian perspective.

Cyber News Service (CNS) - Good source of current news that is up front about their point of view.

NewsMax - Very conservative news site that also archives late night talkshow jokes.

WorldNetDaily - Dedicated to providing "A free press for a free people."

FOX News - They report, you decide, so they say.

The Washington Times-Front Page - Good, conservative news from inside the beltway.

Christian News Daily - Christian  and other news.

DRUDGE REPORT - Matt Drudge's conservative "gossip" column site. First to break the Monical Lewinski scandal in Jan 98 and a number of other scandals in the most ethical administration in history. Hated by liberals.

National Review - Well written and thought out commentary on the news.

Yahoo - Reuters News Summary - Short summaries of the current news.

CNN Interactive - Keep up with Ted Turner's filtered and spun cut on the Clinton News Network, FWIW.

PC Week - Keep up with the latest in the computer news world.

Military Report Home Page - Good weekly collection of new stories affecting the military. Mostly of interest to service members.

Christianity Today - Pretty good summary of what's going on in the Christian community.

USA Today - The daily national newspaper online.

Electronic Telegraph - British newspaper for the view from across the pond.

Scientific American - News from the world of science. Careful - heavily pro-evolutionary bias.


National Weather Service Homepages - Java map of all the NWS sites in the US. Just click on the office nearest your point of interest to get to the local homepage.

Interactive Weather Information Network - National Weather Service updates.

Edwards Weather System (EWS) - Local Antelope Valley weather, plus selected military fields.

The Weather Channel Homepage - Up to date info online from the full-time weather folks, minus the smile.

Welcome to AccuWeather, Inc. - You've heard the name, now here's the web site. Forecasts and satellite pics for your viewing pleasure. Nice info, but the Weather Channel is laid out better.

National Weather Service Welcome Page - The government's best guess.

USA Today Weather Information Page - Outstanding collection of weather information and explanations. As complete of explanations of how weather works and what it all means as I've ever seen, and explained at a laymen-understandable level. Highly recommended to everyone who is at all interested in weather.

Space Science and Engineering Center - Real-time satellite and other data/images.


National Center for Atmospheric Research - Interesting stuff for the more technically inclined.

Melbourne, FL, Weather - My local forecast from the NWS.

Heat Index Chart - Just in case you need it.

Common Meteorological Tables & Conversions - Nifty help from the NWS.

Synoptic Symbols - Great framed presentation of WX map symbols.


Democracy in America - Alexis de Toqueville's classic work on what made America great in the early 19th century.

MapQuest! Welcome! - Spacially lost? Try here.

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue - Subject index for the most comprehensive source of reference material on the web.

Four11 Directory Services - The internet white pages. Great resource for finding someone you lost track of.

Switchboard - Another internet directory, both personal and business. Seems more complete than Four11, although Four11 is more customizable.

World Currency Exchange - Helpful resourse for those that travel or invest overseas.

Center for History and New Media - Another popular Virtual Library offering.

Library of Congress Vatican Exhibit

Census Information - A great source of government demographic data.

Forms And Publications - IRS - What you need to keep the tax man at bay.

Britannica Online - Sampler to the online encyclopaedia service.

Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations - Old but handy reference, web style.

IPL The Internet Public Library - Lots of ebooks, nicely done.

Cornell Law School - Lots of US law reference material, including Supreme Court decisions.

Data Research Home Page - International client/server experts.

Cornell Theory Center - High tech computing research.

Selected Historic Decisions of the Supreme Court - Great reference to the decisions of the folks that interpret the laws.


Inconstant Moon - Great site with lots of info about the moon.

Seismo Lab Home Page - Great reference for those of us living in earthquake zones.

Home Page of VolcanoWorld - Ditto for the volcanic zones.

Cascades Volcano Observatory HOME PAGE - Info on specific volcanoes in the US.

Global Weather Links on Junkscience.com - The truth about climate misinformation. Don't be duped by the politically correct.

National Academy Press - National Academy of Science's reading room. Lots of stuff online.

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names - Nifty WWW lookup to find those places you can't quite place.


Library of Congress Home Page - THE resource for research and exhibits on US history.

Welcome to the Natural History Museum home page - British Natural History Museum online, nicely done.


The History Channel - Schedule for those who don't wish to repeat history.

THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS - President Lincoln's two minute speech that set the standard for tributes to bravery.

US Historical Documents - Another great collection from the University of Oklahoma.

Shakespeare's Bible - Great evidence for who Shakespeare was based on an original copy of the Geneva Bible with his notations in it.

Marcellus Cadd's War & Conflict Page - Interesting collection of battle histories by a history enthusiast. Project still in work.


Mars Pathfinder - Welcome to Mars! - Data from the famous mission to Mars.

Project Galileo (JPL) - Mission to Jupiter.

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics - Hard core space science for the really dedicated.

Space Calendar (JPL) - List of significant astronomical events and space launches, kept up to date by NASA. Links to a wealth of astronomical info, satellite specs and experiment details.

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory - Another nifty page for space cadets, sponsored by Harvard University and the Smithsonian.

Government Services

United States Postal Service Home Page - Lots of neat stuff: zip code finder, stamp pics, rates, etc.

Official DoD Per Diem Rates - Just what it says. Good info for government travelers.

IRS - The Digital Daily Income Tax Forms, Instructions, Publications, Regulations, and other stuff - A new image, really.

Personal Pages

Tom's Home Page - Good friend I met over the net, then travelled to meet.

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